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What are Grade A Pallets?

As a general rule, a grade A pallet does not require major repairs and looks tidy and new. In particular, grade A pallets do not need to be repaired with plugs or companion boards because their stringers have not been damaged. A cleated metal plate may be used to reinforce a cracked board and prevent further splitting, however. It is possible that boards reinforced with these metal plates are actually stronger than their intact counterparts, although the plates are a visible repair that may detract from the pallet’s appearance. Grade A pallets are generally ideal for display applications, as they haven’t undergone extensive and unsightly repair, making them a good choice for displays.

Various smaller categories within the grade A classification are used by manufacturers to indicate how much repair the pallet has received, in addition to factors such as paint or stains, wear and oxidation, and superficial damage such as chips, splinters, or scrapes that may affect the aesthetic condition of the wood. Premium, Premium Plus, AAA, A+, 1A, club grade, Premium A, grade 1, and super are some of the most pristine A grade pallets. This term refers to the highest quality recycled pallets available, the ones closest to new. Grade A pallets may also be classified into other subcategories if they have sustained more superficial defects or have required more repairs but still meet grade A standards. In some manufacturers, there are only two categories – “Premium A” and “Regular A,” regardless of terminology – while in others, there are three to five subcategories within the A classification, with terms such as AA, 1B, or melon grade describing intermediate grades between Premium and Standard.

What is a GMA Pallet?

A GMA pallet meets the standardized guidelines for food industry pallets established by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

Originally established by the Grocery Manufacturers Association – now the Consumer Brands Association – these pallet guidelines are designed to reduce transportation, storage, and distribution costs in the food industry.

Food and beverage pallets can be found in grocery stores, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. Fast and easy movement of goods is ensured when pallets conform to GMA specifications.

Pallet Specifications for the GMA?

There are a number of characteristics that are specified for GMA pallets, including the load-bearing capacity, the transportability, the dimensions, and the board configuration. Specifications for GMA pallets include:

  • 40″ by 48″ Size.

  • 2,500 pounds load-bearing capacity .

  • Partial 4-way entry

  • Stringer pallets

  • On each end, a board measuring 5 1/2 inches wide, and in the center, five boards measuring 3 1/2 inches wide.

  • Between the notches, there are three boards of 3 1/2 inches each with a 5 1/2 inch board on each end.

According to estimates, GMA pallets account for 30% of the pallet market. It is becoming more and more important to transport and handle food and beverage products quickly and efficiently as the food and beverage industry continues to grow.

Why should I use Grade A Pallets?

Pallets made from recycled materials can greatly reduce the costs associated with transporting products without compromising on quality. Additionally, recycling pallets prevents usable pallets from being disposed of in landfills and is an environmentally-sustainable choice. Understanding pallet grading systems and choosing products that meet your requirements for shipping and displaying goods is a crucial part of making the right supply chain purchases.

There are a number of trade organizations that set forth standards and definitions that appear to be fairly straightforward at first glance. There are several industry-specific pallet sizes in the North American market, but the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) standard 48″x40″ is the most commonly used. Despite its origins in the grocery industry, this standard is now used in a wide range of industries.

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