Used Pallet Recycling

Drop Trailers For Pallets


Used Pallet Recycling offers a free drop trailer service for any of our larger clients. Our trailers are 53 foot long trailers and can be dropped in any part of the United States. 


How our Drop Trailer Service Works

  1. Trailer is Dropped off on Site
  2. Used pallets are placed in the trailer
  3. When full we will swap the trailer with any empty one

Any Condition or Amount
Any Size
USed Pallet Recycling

Drop Trailers and Pallet Removal Nationwide

Drop Trailers Questions 


Do we pay for pallets?

This depends on the amount of pallets, the size, and condition. Typically yes, but this is decided on a case by case basis.

How many pallets are required for a drop trailer on site

We prefer to only deal with full truckload amounts when it comes to drop trailers. Typically a full trailer has anywhere from 480-680 standard size pallets on it.


Is there a fee for drop trailers

There is no fee as long as your company is able to load full truckload amounts of reusable pallets. For partial loads or junk removal there may be fees involved. It is best to talk to a rep about this as every situation is deferent

How often can you swap a trailer?

After dropping a trailer we can accommodate as many swaps as possible. The more trailer swaps the better for us.

Do we offer drop trailers

Yes. If you company is producing a large volume of used skids we can leave a trailor there and offer daily, weekly or montlhy pick ups. 


Where can we provide drop trailers

We are able to provide a drop trailer for pallet recycling in all 50 states