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Wooden Pallet Recycling in Florida

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We have pallet yards in the cities of Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville. Service is offered across the entire state. Free Local delivery for truckloads of up to 660 pallets per delivery. Smaller orders are welcome to come by make local pick ups at any location.

Free haul offs and pickups for broken or unwanted pallets across the state of Florida. We also have locations in neighboring states. Buy and Sell used Pallets in Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama


Dimensions (Inches) Dimensions (mm) Price ($/Pallet)
48″ x 40″ 1219.2mm x 1016mm $6 -8
42″ x 42″ 1066.8mm x 1066.8mm $5
40″ x 40″ 1016mm x 1016mm $4
48″ x 48″ 1219.2mm x 1219.2mm $5
36″ x 36″ 914.4mm x 914.4mm $3
Broken Pallet Rebate 48 x 40 GMA $4-6



St. Petersburg
Port St. Lucie
Cape Coral
Fort Lauderdale
Pembroke Pines
Coral Springs
Lehigh Acres
Palm Bay
West Palm Beach
Spring Hill

Pompano Beach
Miami Gardens
Boca Raton
Plantation city
Palm Coast
Town ‘n’ Country
Fort Myers
Deerfield Beach
Pine Hills
Miami Beach
Boynton Beach 


The Villages
North Port
Daytona Beach
Wesley Chapel
Delray Beach
Port Charlotte
Port Orange
Palm Harbor

Frequently Asked Pallet Questions in Florida


How much do used pallets cost in Florida ?

Florida has some of the most affordable used pallet prices in the country, we try to keep prices down by provided used pallets. Prices may vary depending on the market and state of the supply chain. On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $8 per pallet for full truckload orders (616) The size and type of the pallet also play a role in determining cost. Feel free to give us a call or email so we can provide a quote to you. We also take into the volume of the order.


How Much does Used Pallet Recycling Pay for Pallets in FL?

Again there is a wide range of prices prices paid for pallets in the state of FL. This dependss heavily on the condition of the skid and the amount per pick up. On Average Used Pallet Recycling pays anwhere from $4-$8 per unit. We also provide free pick ups for broken and unwanted skids. 


What is a Grade A Pallet(#1)

While there is a lot of debate on what is considered a Grade A Pallet we define it as the following:

  • 7 boards on top
  • 5 boards on bottom
  • 6” lead boards are NOT guaranteed; however, some pallets may have 6” boards
  • Average top deck spacing 2.5” to 3.5”
  • 3 stringers (1-1/2” x 3-1/2”ea)
  • 4-way entry
  • Flush
  • No broken stringers or boards
  • Each stringer can have one repair plate to strengthen any split
  • Clean

What is a Grade B Pallet(#2)?

Grade B pallets are 48 x 40 in size. They may have some minor damage to the boards or stringers but remain functional. These pallets have been used multiple times and may have some wear and tear 

There is a great deal of variation across pallet grades within each grade. It is important to keep in mind that pallet grading is rather subjective—a top-tier pallet is simply one that hasn’t needed any repairs so it is graded solely on its looks. A pallet can be inspected before shipping, but a visible stain may be missed, and there’s no foolproof way of detecting a faulty board or stringer. It has led many in logistics and transportation to seek a pallet material that is more consistent and reliable due to the unpredictability of wood used to make pallets.


How do we determine how much a pallet is worth in Florida?

We will take into consideration the following factors and work with you to come to a reasonable agreement

  • Pictures
  • Quality
  • Amount per pick up

What are the most common pallet sizes in FL?

Pallet Sizes in Florida are typically the following

  •  48″ x 40″
  • 42″ x 42″
  • 48″ x 48
  • 36″ x 36″
  • 40″ x 48″

Where can i drop off used pallets at your Florida locations?

If you are located near any of our recycling centers, feel free to come by and drop them off Monday-Friday 7am- 5pm

We also provide a free pick up service and drop trailers for customers


Grades of GMA Wooden Pallets in Florida


There are generally two grades of wood pallets, though some sellers use the third grade. It is possible to break each of these grades down further into categories based on more specific criteria. Visual appearance and state of repair may not be considered by the company offering the pallets. Therefore, top-tier wood pallets can still be ordered with stains or other discolorations that don’t make them suitable for retail display. GMA pallets are most commonly graded as follows:

  • Grade A: Also known as grade #1. In general, Grade A pallets do not need any repairs and have never been repaired. In the grade A category, the AAA or “club grade” pallets are in good condition, look brand new, and are suitable for retail display. There are pallets in the lowest tier of the A category that are not in need of repair, but may need them in the near future.

  • Grade B: Also known as grade #2 pallets. There have been repairs to grade B platforms in the form of replaced deck boards, plates, or plugs. Although unsuitable for display, they are still structurally sound and should be suitable for use in supply chains.

  • The third grade is also known as grade C. Pallets in this grade are not in good structural shape and have a poor appearance. They have usually been repaired multiple times and the deck boards may not be completely intact. Many pallet sellers don’t even offer this GMA pallet grade because it has a relatively high failure rate. The use of pallets of this grade isn’t recommended for high-value or easily damaged items.