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Types of Pallet Average Price
Grade B(#2) $7.50
Grade A(#1) $9
New Pallet $13
48 x 40 4-way $7-10
48 x 40 2-way $6-10
Broken Pallets $3-7
48 x 48 $6
42 x 42 $6-7

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Common questions about used pallet recycling

Grade B Wooden Pallets

“Grade B” pallets in Jacksonville have been previously used and often have damage to one of the stringers. To fix or reinforce it, an additional runner needs to be placed next to the damaged wood. Pallets graded B or #2 in Jacksonville are more likely to have been used extensively and may show signs of wear and discoloration, or have broken stringers that have been repaired with companion runners. Stringer repairs can be made with blocks or plugs, which can vary in length and location.

Grade A (#1) Wooden Pallets

Generally, a pallet classified as grade A does not need substantial repairs and appears new. Specifically, grade A pallets don’t need plugs and companion boards to repair any damage to their stringers. January 14, 2021.

It is also called grade 1 or grade A. Grade A pallets have not been repaired and do not require any repairs. AAA or “club grade” pallets are the top of the grade A category, in good condition, looking brand new, and suitable for display on a retail floor.

New vs Used Pallets

The most durable wooden pallets are those that are brand new, so they will serve you for a much longer period of time than recycled pallets. For short-term projects, recycled wooden pallets are great since they are essentially like-new. Compare it to buying a new car versus buying a used one

Is it possible to reuse a wood pallet multiple times?

It is possible to recycle wooden pallets once they have served their primary purpose. When properly maintained, a wooden pallet can be reused up to 10 times.

How to Recycle Pallets?

Pallets can be recycled in a number of ways

  • Pallet recycling companies can pick up pallets from your location if you contact them: There are pallet recycling companies in your area that specialize in pallet recycling.
  • Pallets can be recycled at some recycling facilities. Make sure you know what your local facility’s pallet policy is and whether they accept pallets.
  • Build a garden bed or make furniture out of pallets by repurposing them.
  • Make a donation to a local farmer or farmer’s market: Many farmers and farmer’s market organizations will accept pallets.
  • Pallet disposal and recycling guidelines may be specific to your local waste management or recycling service.

Some pallets may contain chemicals that make recycling them hazardous. It’s important to know not all pallets are recyclable. Before dropping off your pallets, it’s best to contact the above-mentioned options and confirm whether they accept your pallet type.

How do I sell Pallets

The best thing you can do is search for pallet recycling companies in your area. Find a pallet recycler in your area by searching online. Find out how much they will pay for the different pallets you bring in. Most of the offer free pick ups as well and drop trailers