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Do not let your broken and damaged wooden pallets end up in a landfill. Our company will pick them up free of cost and provide rebates for good ones. We do not change removal fees for large amounts of pallets.

We offer fair market prices for pallets that can be repaired . In addition to 48″ x 40″ 4-way pallets, GMA pallets, EU pallets, and other common pallet sizes, we also buy used pallets of varying grades.


How to Schedule a Free Removal 

  1. Submit Removal Request 
  2. Send in Pictures of the Pallets 
  3. Receive email or phone call from member of our team 
  4. We send out a truck for pick up
    USed Pallet Recycling

    UPR Provides Free Pallet Removal and Haul offs




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    Our Free Local Pallet Removal Services 

    UPR offers easy and affordable pallet disposal solutions. Including large, heavy metal box pallets and bulky containers, we accept wood, metal, and plastic pallets of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for help for your home or business we offer professional  pallet removal services.


    Pallet Removal Services


    What Types of Pallets do we remove?


    • Broken Pallets
    • Metal Pallets
    • HT Pallets
    • Plastic
    • Skids
    • Methyl bromide(MB) Pallets 
    • 48 x 40 GMAs
    • Odd Sizes
    • Scrap Wood
    • Wooden Crates
    • Wooden Spools
    • Cardboard Boxes


    Requirements for a free pallet pick up
    • Full Truckload Amount (480-616 Units)
    • Dock and Forklift on site
    • Pallets are in good enough condtion to be loaded on a truck

    While we try to recycle as many pallets as possible, we are not a free junk removal company and if the pallets are completely trashed we cannot pick them up.

    Below is an infographic with some more details on a free removal vs junk removal 


    Free Pallet Removal Questions 


    Do you pay for broken pallets?

    Our price per pallet depends heavily on the condition it is in. If the wooden pallet is completely destroyed(broken boards and stringers) we will not be able to pay anything. That being said we never charge for removals or pick ups regardless of condition

    Is there a minimum pick up amount for free haul offs

    This depends on which location you are closest to. While some of our pallet yards will take any amount, others require full truckloads(400-600 per pick up). It is best to call ahead of time and ask about minimum qty.

    Blue and Red Pallet Removal?

    We are unable to provide pick ups for these pallet types. These are called CHEP and PECO Pallets. They are rentals and belong to the company you bought there from. For Blue pallets please contact CHEP and they will be able to assit you. For Red Pallets please contact PECO


    Do you provide removal services for other types of packaging

    Yes we offer recycling sevices for the following material

    • Wooden Pallets
    • Plastic Pallets
    • Gaylord Boxes 
    • Cardboard Shipping Boxes
    • IBC Totes
    • 55 Gallon Metal Drums
    • Plastic Drums
    • Scrap Plastic

    What Size Pallets Do We Remove and Haul off?

    We will pick up any size. We can only offer payment for uniform size and full truckload amouints. If you have a couple odd size pallets you are welcome to drop the off at any of our facilties.  48 x 40 Wood Pallets have good value and we can provide payment before pick up.


    Do we offer drop trailers

    Yes. If you company is producing a large volume of used skids we can leave a trailor there and offer daily, weekly or montlhy pick ups. 


    What Grade of pallet do you pick up?

    We will pick up any grade or quality as long as you have neough of them. We pay for Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C 48 x 40 GMAs.


    What type of pallets are recyclable?

    Typically we are dealing with wood pallets. Although we have a plastic pallet recycling service as well if that is nesescary. We will pick up both block and stringers. 


    What do I need to do to schedule a haul off?

    Please give us a call or email anytime to discuss a haul off. We typically will ask for pictures, size and quality before sending out a truck.