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Nampa Local Pallet Recycler – Wood and Plastic 

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Our Nampa Used Pallet locations goal to providing full recycling and removal services to the entire state of Delaware. We offer local pick ups and trailer load removal of used pallets for small and large companies

Services Provided in Nampa

  • We Buy Pallets
  • Sell Pallets for Cash
  • #1 & #2 Wooden Pallets
  • Buyback Program
  • Pallet Pooling
  •  Pallet Removal
  • Drop Trailers
  • Haul Offs
  • Shop New and Used
  • Full Truckload Orders
  • Local Pick ups

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Pallet Information

Wood Pallet FAQ ID

What are the different types of pallets?

Different Types of Pallets

  • Block/Deck Board Pallets.
  • Roto Molded Pallets.
  • Injection Molded Pallets
  • Stringer Pallets.
  • Double Wing Pallets.
  • Solid Deck Pallets.
What are #1 and #2 pallets?

There are two grades of recycled pallets that GMA classifies: Grade A and Grade B. Some manufacturers call these grades #1 and #2. For more comprehensive evaluation, pallets are often subdivided into smaller grade categories within these grades

What are the common types of pallet wood?

It is oak and pine that are the most frequently used wood types for pallets in the US, which produces the most wooden pallets in the world. Despite the fact that oak is a hardwood and pine is a softwood, the hardness or durability of wood is not affected by its hardness or softness

How can I get free pallets?

Pallet locations where you can get free pallets

  • Stores that sell hardware.

  • Building sites and contractors.

  • Metal Recycler

  • Plastic Recycler

  • Book Stores

  • Schools

  • Pet store

  • Grocery stores.

What Other Services do you offer?

Here are some of the products and services we offer:

  • Crates and boxes

  • Packaging

  • Custom Built Wood Crates

  • Custom Built Wood Boxes

  • Pallets

  • Skids

  • Firewood

  • All Shipping Needs

  • Packing Materials

Pallet Pick Up Locations in Nampa

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