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Used Pallet Recycling delivers across the state of Maine. We also have locations in near by states. Buy used pallets in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York

Supply of Used 48×40 GMA Pallets. We also sell used wood and plastic shipping pallets.


We Buy Pallets in Maine!

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As part of our commitment to our valued customers, Used Pallet Recycling actively buys pallets. From 100 pallets to a full truckload, we service companies of all sizes. For your convenience, we can also station a trailer at your facility.


What Types of Pallets do We Buy in bulk? 

A pallet is identified by its length followed by its width (48″ long x 40″ wide). Our company is always looking for 48×40 GMA 4-way pallets. We are interested in purchasing these in bulk if you have them available. Moving forward, we would love to collaborate on this.

We will purchase your pallets at a fair market price if they can be repaired and resold. Depending on the total quantity and grade, payment is still possible for large quantities of a size not listed above. Our interest in pallets extends to harvesting and using their lumber as recycled lumber if there is good lumber available. It is possible for us to harvest anything between 24×24 and 48×80.

In addition to picking up and disposing of scrap pallets, we can also take care of all your wood waste.


How Many Pallets Can We Pick Up?

It is important to remember that small quantities of pallets are not worth as much as large quantities. An established pallet company considers a small quantity to be less than 200 pallets, and a full load to be more than 500 pallets. Pallets and wood waste that are neatly stacked and organized are more valuable than wood that is collected haphazardly.


Pallet sizes and their value in Maine

Standard Size

There are many industry standard pallets for all kinds of applications, including 48 x 40 Cores, 4ways, GMAs, 1’s and 2’s, A’s and B’s. It is likely that someone will be interested in paying for pallets like these. In the market for pallets this size that have been repaired and resold, they are the most valuable because they are easy to fix.


Odd sized

Several odd sizes are also salvaged and repaired by pallet companies for resale, including 48 x 48, 48 x 42, and 42 x 42. Pallets like these might also be compensated for by some companies if they do save them.

There are many different types of pallets, and some industries collect an assortment that does not fit any of these common pallets. It doesn’t matter whether a pallet is 72 x 50, 40 x 51, 52 x 24 or has a strange block in the middle, there are infinite possibilities. Most pallet companies will pick up for free or charge a small disposal fee if they have full truckloads of pallets.

The majority of companies charge a disposal fee for pick up and processing wood waste such as plywood pallets, particle board pallets, crates, bundles of loose wood, and pallets that need numerous repairs. Pallet companies may not pick up the wood waste for free, but companies that grind boiler fuel and bark mulch may recycle the material for free.


WIll our pallet recycling services work for you or your company?

Pallet recycling companies may be able to pay for 48 x 40 or odd-sized pallets, depending on volume. Forklifts and docks are preferred by pallet companies when loading pallets on trailers. Forklifts and pallet jacks are required if there is no dock available to load pallets and move them to the trailer’s nose. It is easier to load flatbed trailers, but they are less common and not used by all pallet companies.


Alternative Options for Pallet Removal

Wood waste processing companies

You may be able to get help from a pallet company if you have irregularly sized pallets and crates, but you may be able to get more help from boiler fuel or wood chip producers since they are less picky about the wood waste they recycle. If garbage disposal companies can guarantee that only wood waste is thrown in the dumpster, they may also leave it on site at a low price.


Online Marketplaces

Online Options such as facebook marketplace or craiglsit can be great place to get rid of excess pallets. It is not uncommon to see pallet scavengers in any given area scouring free pallets for free, so you might get some bites if you advertise yours as free.

Pallets burn really well in bonfires. Take your pallets home or to a field and burn them if no company, recycler, or pallet scavenger will take them without charge.


Common Pallet Sizes in Maine

Supply of Used 48×40 GMA Pallets. Grade A and Grade B Used Pallets are available. 4-way and 2-way entry stringer pallets.

  • 48 x 40
  • 42 x 42
  • 40 x 40
  • 48 x 48

Our family-owned and operated company provides cost-effective wooden pallet solutions throughout Maine. With our recycled wooden pallets, you can store and transport goods in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. We have been is business for the last 20 years. 

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Frequently Asked


What Are Grade B Pallets?

Known also as grade 2 pallets, grade B pallets are the most common type of pallet. Deck boards, plates, or plugs have been replaced on Grade B platforms. Despite being unfit for display, they are still structurally sound and can be used in the supply chain


What are Grade A Pallets?

Pallets classified as grade A have not yet required substantial repairs and appear clean and new. A grade A pallet does not require repair with plugs or companion boards due to damage to its stringers


How long does a wooden pallet last?

The humidity and harsh weather conditions can be challenging for wooden pallets. Their cracking, splintering, and absorption of water causes them to deteriorate more quickly. A wooden pallet typically lasts 3-5 years, but plastic pallets are durable and can last up to 10 years.


    What is a Grade B Pallet(#2)?

    1-3 years

    Grade B pallets are 48 x 40 in size. They may have some minor damage to the boards or stringers but remain functional. These pallets have been used multiple times and may have some wear and tear 


    How do we determine how much a pallet is worth in Maine?

    We will take into consideration the following factors and work with you to come to a reasonable agreement

    • Pictures
    • Quality
    • Amount per pick up

    What are the most common pallet sizes in ME?

    Pallet Sizes in Maine are typically the following

    •  48″ x 40″
    • 42″ x 42″
    • 48″ x 48
    • 36″ x 36″
    • 40″ x 48″

    Where can i drop off used pallets at your Maine locations?

    If you are located near any of our recycling centers in Maine, feel free to come by and drop them off Monday-Friday 7am- 5pm

    We also provide a free pick up service and drop trailers for customers