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Local Pallet Supplier in Springfield, Mass. We offer Grade B and Grade A  GMA Pallets.





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Common questions about used pallet recycling

Grade B 48" x 40" Wood Pallets in MA

Pallets graded “B” typically have damaged stringers due to previous use. An additional runner is needed to reinforce damaged wood. Besides showing signs of wear and discoloration, pallets in grades B and #2 may have broken stringers that were repaired with companion runners. Depending on the length and location of the plugs, blocks or plugs can be used to repair stringers.

Although grade B pallets are strong and reliable, repairing them to achieve their full performance makes them unattractive. There are often repairs to the stringers of B grade pallets, such as companion stringers or plugs. Cracks in stringers are braced with intact stringers nailed alongside them. Grade B is also usually divided into subdivisions based on how many repairs it requires. There may only be one repair per stringer cavity on a Premium B or B1 pallet, whereas a Standard B pallet may have more repairs and damaged deck boards.

Grade A (#1) Wooden Pallets

A grade A pallet usually does not require any significant repairs. Grade A pallet stringers do not require plugs or companion boards to be repaired.

It is not necessary to repair grade 1 pallets in good condition, and they can be reused. Among grade A pallets, grade AAA or “club grade” pallets are in good condition and look like new.

New vs Used 48 x 40 Wooden Pallets

The most durable pallets are those made of brand new wood, as they last longer than those made of recycled wood. Recycling wooden pallets is a great option for short-term projects because they are essentially like-new. Compare the cost of a new car with that of a used one

Where can you find free wooden pallets?

Where can you find free wooden pallet

Free pallets can be found at the following businesses:


  • Stores that sell hardware.
  • Building sites and contractors.
  • Shops that sell garden supplies.
  • Stores that sell furniture.
  • Stores selling equipment.
  • Newspaper companies.
  • The pet store industry.
  • Grocery stores.
How to Recycle Pallets?

Pallets can be recycled in a number of ways

  • Pallet recycling companies can pick up pallets from your location if you contact them: There are pallet recycling companies in your area that specialize in pallet recycling.
  • Pallets can be recycled at some recycling facilities. Make sure you know what your local facility’s pallet policy is and whether they accept pallets.
  • Build a garden bed or make furniture out of pallets by repurposing them.
  • Make a donation to a local farmer or farmer’s market: Many farmers and farmer’s market organizations will accept pallets.
  • Pallet disposal and recycling guidelines may be specific to your local waste management or recycling service.

Some pallets may contain chemicals that make recycling them hazardous. It’s important to know not all pallets are recyclable. Before dropping off your pallets, it’s best to contact the above-mentioned options and confirm whether they accept your pallet type.

How do I sell Pallets

The best thing you can do is search for pallet recycling companies in your area. Find a pallet recycler in your area by searching online. Find out how much they will pay for the different pallets you bring in. Most of the offer free pick ups as well and drop trailers