Buy Used Pallets in Oklahoma!

Large Supply of Used Pallets Across the State of Oklahoma.

Located in Oklahoma.

We offer new, used, rebuilt, and reconditioned pallets in 48 x 40 sizes. We offer grade A, grade B, and used pallets in various sizes

A large supply of 48×40 shipping pallets is available for sale in Oklahoma. We have a large stock of new and used pallets.


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Delivery is available in Oklahoma!

Used Pallet Recycling delivers across the state of Oklahoma. We also have locations in neighboring states. Buy used pallets in New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas

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In Oklahoma, we offer new, used, recycled, and rebuilt pallets. We sell used wood, plastic, and 48×40 GMA pallets.

Service Areas across the State.


 Oklahoma City 
 Broken Arrow 
 Midwest City 
 Ponca City 
 Del City 
 Sand Springs 
 El Reno 


Used Pallet Recycling Oklahoma
A central location, multi-modal transportation system, and impressive supply chains mean you can improve your bottom line in Oklahoma. From food processing and aerospace to pipe and plastics, thousands of manufacturing companies have found success operating here. Oklahoma is at the center of it all. With 3 inland ports, 3,850 miles of rail, and 12,000 miles of highway, it’s no wonder why we are a hub for logistics operations and distribution centers like Amazon, Dollar Tree, Macy’s, and more.
There are three grades of used pallets in Oklahoma: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. In Oklahoma, we will pay fair prices for used pallets in good condition. Free pallet recycling and collection in all of Oklahoma. Buy Stringer and Block Pallets. 4-way and 2-way entry used wooden pallets.

The state is home to number of wood manufacturers, shipping companies, and manufacturing plants, which produce an excess of used pallets. About 48×40 GMA pallets are used here, as well as wood pallets classified as Grade A and B. There is an excess of used pallets in the state of oklahoma.

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