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A rented pallet moves one way through the supply chain, starting at the manufacturer or distribution center. Upon delivery of palletized loads, Used Pallet Recycling picks up the pallets once they no longer need to be used. Prior to returning pallets to the rental pool, we inspect and repair them if necessary.

In addition to quality pallets and excellent customer service, we also offer tracking to pallet rental customers. With this system, we are able to maintain the most efficient supply chain possible with a simple, user-friendly interface. You can reduce your costs and environmental impact by renting pallets. We will manage, track, and repair pallets for you. You can focus on your business with UPR’s pallet pooling model since we handle administration, returns, and repairs.

Pallet Rental FAQ


What is the cost of renting a CHEP pallet?

Manufacturers pay CHEP a one-time fee, usually $4.50 to $6.50 per pallet, plus a daily rental fee of less than a penny. A transfer fee is also paid by manufacturers when they ship pallets to retailers. Oct 13, 2007

We aren’t affiliated with CHEP (the most popular pallet rental company). It is possible that this information has been updated or outdated


Is it illegal to sell CHEP Pallets (Blue Pallet)?

Pallets purchased from CHEP remain the company’s property. CHEP pallets may not be sold, traded, or used for a secondary purpose.


Can you use blue pallets?

The originator of the pallet may sometimes be able to reclaim them for re-use since pallets are considered commercial waste. CHEP owns the blue pallets and should be returned directly to them, either through the company from which they were obtained or directly to CHEP.


How does pallet rental work?

 Most companies find pallet rental to be the most cost-effective way to ship goods to distributors (or retailers). There is a circular nature to pallet rental. A pallet is delivered, used, and collected before it is repaired and repurposed.


Does Home Depot charge a pallet fee?

Yes. Whenever a pallet is delivered to you, Home Depot will charge you a pallet fee.


Is Costco using CHEP pallets?

Block pallets from iGPS, CHEP, and PECO are accepted at Costco. Case-by-case approval is required for all others.