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Used Pallet Recycling has been in operation as a family-owned and operated business for three generations. A regional recycling leader since 2003, UPR is located in northern Rhode Island. With locations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and southern New Hampshire, we are easily accessible to our customers.

It is our expertise in pallet recycling that sets us apart from newcomers to the industry. We have developed the best recycled pallet formula through constant evolution of methods and improved materials over time.

In order to help you achieve maximum pallet cost efficiency, our dedicated sales team works hard to understand your business needs. To eliminate unnecessary expenses associated with underdesigned or overdesigned pallets, we will perform an on-site pallet audit. In addition to providing a convenient inventory management service, we can determine the appropriate recycled pallet standard for your application.

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Wood Pallet FAQ RI

Whats the difference between wood and plastic pallets?

Manufacturers typically use wood pallets because they are less expensive and can bear a greater load. However, since wooden pallets are made of natural resources, they can rot, be infested with insects, and suffer from mold. It is more expensive to purchase plastic pallets; however, they will last for a long time (long shelf life) and will not be able to harbor bugs or retain moisture.

When buying pallets, what should you consider?

There is no one pallet that fits all applications. You should consider the following before buying pallets: shipping destination, weight of product, life expectancy of pallet, equipment compatibility, and pallet management needs.

What can I do to prevent mold from growing on my wooden pallets?

Make sure your supplier uses freshly sawn wood (if they store materials for too long, mold is more likely to develop). Pallets should be stored in a place where they can dry and won’t be rewet. Using mild fungicides on pallets is a good idea if you can. Mold will be reduced as a result.

Is it okay to transport food on wooden pallets?

Yes, of course. Food-transport pallets made of wood are approved by the FDA, as long as they are designed and maintained so they are suitable and cleanable, so the food they carry does not become contaminated during transport.

    Do you custom-design pallets?

    Yes we created in house software to develop mock ups and designs of custom pallet types. Contact a member of our team to go over a free demo

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