What is a Grade B (#2) Wooden GMA Pallet?

On January 30, 2023

What is a Grade B or Number 2 Wooden Pallet?


Most pallets sold in North America are 48″x40″ Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) standard pallets.


Most GMA pallets are made from wood, which can splinter and break over time, resulting in damage to machinery and products. Employees are also at risk of broken wood pallets. Manufacturers and retailers can demand minimum quality from pallets by using GMA pallet grades established by the pallet industry. Based on their state of repair and condition, the grades provide a rating system for platforms. Pallets can be ordered in excellent condition for product displays, in good condition for shipping, or cheap pallets on their last legs for one-way trips.

How are Pallets Graded?

It is generally accepted that wood pallets can be classified into two grades, but some sellers use a third grade. These are Grade A(#1), Grade B(#2), and Grade C(#3). There are several categories within each of these grades, which have more specific criteria. A pallet company may or may not distinguish between pallets based on their visual appearance and condition. Therefore, top-tier wood pallets can still be ordered even though they are unsuitable for retail display due to stains or other discoloration.

Grade B Wooden Pallet Stack

Grade B Wooden Pallet Stack

What is a Grade B Pallet?

Also known as a #2 pallet, this is the most popular pallet in the United States. As a result of its affordability and decent condition. Grade B wooden pallets are typically the cheapest grade a company can buy before it becomes a shipping liability.

Deck boards, stringers, and plugs have been replaced on Grade B platforms. Even if they’re not display-ready, they’re still structurally sound and can be used in the supply chain.

There tends to be some debate in the pallet community about what constitutes a grade b pallet. While you may get a great load of #2s from one company, you may receive a load of broken and junk pallets from another. It is always a good idea to ask for pictures of the pallets before placing a order.

Number 2 Wooden Pallets

Number 2 Wooden Pallets


How much do grade b pallets cost?

There are a number of factors that affect the price of grade b pallets. Mainly your location and the state of the supply chain near you. Places like California, Washington and the North East of the US tend to have the highest pallet prices in the country. Meanwhile southern states like Texas, Florida, and South Carolina tend to have the lowest prices

What companies should use Grade B (#2) Pallets?

You may be able to use grade B pallets if your business needs pallets for a one-way trip or doesn’t care about pallet appearance. On the other hand if you ship a fragile or hazardous product you should almost always go with a New or Grade A pallet. Medical Supply producers or Food Manufacturers should also not be using Grade B due to contamination risks.

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