Where to Recycle Pallets in Austin, TX

Pallets are large flat squares of either metal, plastic, or wood that hold smaller objects while being lifted by machinery such as a forklift. It keeps the objects stable and easier to lift in bulk. Austin, Texas has an official recycling service that recycles all types of pallets, although it only picks up from businesses. If you have pallets at your home you’ll have to transport them yourself. Pallets are most commonly made out of wood and are reused hundreds of times. Most Pallet Companies will offer free pickups locally. 


  1. Options for only wood pallets are Wiley Pallet at (708) 766-1275, and the Austin Pallet Company at (512) 990-0099, both of which will pay for wood pallets in good condition.
  2. Take the pallets to the recycling center or the dumpif they can’t do a pickup.
  3. Take the pallets during business hours to ensure they’re handled correctly.
  4. Contact the city of Austin if you’re unable to transport the pallets. In an effort to keep the city clean, they will sometimes help you make arrangements to have large items moved from your home.
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