100 Places to Find Free Pallets Locally

On April 15, 2023

Where to Find Free pallets?


Free pallets are getting harder and harder to come by as pallet prices rise. Most companies are paying high prices for pallets are therefore they are less likely to give the out for free when they can easily get a few bucks for each of them. While this may not sound like a lot of money, when it a company is producing hundreds or thousands a month it can add up quickly.



Best Places to find free pallets near you


Luckily there are still many places you can find free pallets in your local community. There is not shortage of small/mid size business that produce and excess of wooden pallets and need to have them removed. When looking for free pallets it is best to target the smaller companies. As the biggest ones will almost always have something in place already and may be getting paid for them.


Online Pallet Marketplaces

Before driving around and going store to store it is a good idea to check out Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and search for “Free Pallets”.  There are also many website dedicated to listing pallet classified ads that may have a free section. Often times you will be able to find people giving out free pallets or at least very cheap pallets. There are also facebooks groups dedicated to buying and selling pallets that you can check out.


Here are 100 Places to Find Free Pallets Near You

  1. Asphalt Company
  2. Storage Units
  3. Colleges
  4. Metal Working/ Fabricators
  5. Lighting Companies
  6. Specialty Office Furniture
  7. Rubber Manufacturer
  8. Film Production Company
  9. Conduit Wholesale Company
  10. Electrical Conduit wholesale company
  11. Starch and Sugar wholesale distributor
  12. Salt blasting company
  13. Tractor part company
  14. Pipe Manufacturing
  15. Plastic & Resin
  16. Billboard & Sign Producer
  17. Contact lenses & glassesSmall garden shops
  18. Furniture stores
  19. Equipment stores
  20. Community Colleges
  21. Local Gym
  22. Hose & Belt
  23. Laminated Plastics
  24. Junk Removal Company
  25. Plastic Film, Sheet & Bag
  26. Used tractor part company
  27. Car engine distribution
  28. Ceramic Injection Company
  29. Silicon Carbide Composite company
  30. Door Manufacturer
  31. Specialty office furniture wholesaler
  32. Junk Yards
  33. Pressure Washing Company
  34. Metal scrap yard
  35. Wheel refurbishing companies
  36. Duct manufacturers
  37. Golf Cart Parts warehouse
  38. Metal Stamping Companies
  39. Fabricated Steel
  40. Plastic Pipe & Parts
  41. Plastic Products Miscellaneous
  42. Polystyrene Foam
  43. Rubber Product
  44. Finishing Supply
  45. Lubricant Oil
  46. Petroleum Refining Plastics and Rubber Products
  47. Tire
  48. Newspaper companies
  49. Pet stores
  50. Grocery stores
  51. Urethane Foam Primary Metal
  52. Aluminum
  53. Copper Rolling, Drawing & Extruding
  54. Telecommunications
  55. Storage Warehouses
  56. Industrial piping Industrial hose distributor and manufacturer
  57. Packing Material Distributor
  58. Food Processing companies
  59. Bottling Companies
  60. Foundries
  61. Metal Door and Iron Gate Distributors
  62. washer manufacturer
  63. paper good distributor
  64. lumber yards
  65. Ferrous Metal Foundry Products
  66. Iron & Steel
  67. Metal Pipe & Tube
  68. Nonferrous Metal Foundry Products
  69. Electrical Distributor
  70. Wire wholesaler
  71. Custom Fabricator
  72. Machine Shops
  73. Electrical wholesale to public
  74. Bolt and Screw Manufacturer
  75. Metal Spinning
  76. Boat Builders
  77. Metal Grinding manufacturer
  78. Refractory Companies
  79. Jewelry
  80. Medical Instrument & Supply
  81. Toy, Doll & Game Stores
  82. Abrasive & Sandpaper
  83. Cement
  84. Ceramics
  85. A clay brick and product manufacturer
  86. PVC pipe & concrete blocks
  87. Glass Product
  88. Gypsum Product
  89. Plastic Recycler
  90. Mineral Product
  91. Precast Concrete
  92. Ready-Mix Concrete Paper
  93. Cardboard Box & Container
  94. Papers with coatings and laminations
  95. Office Stationery
  96. Paper Mills
  97. Paper Product
  98. Paperboard Mills
  99. Sanitary Paper Product
  100. Wood Pulp Mills Petroleum and Coal Products


Where Can I Buy Used Wooden Pallets?

IF you need pallets that are uniform in size or a large quality, you are most likely going to have to purchase them. Lucky there are large number of pallet recyclers across the united states that offer cheap and affordable used pallets. To get the best prices it is good to find a local pallet yard near you and give them a call about placing an order. You can expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $10 per pallet, depending on location

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