Can You Burn Pallets?

On May 21, 2023

Is it Ok to Burn Wooden Pallets?


You can find pallets everywhere, and you can usually get them for free. It is very common to use wooden pallets at bonfires and festivals. While generally speaking is it safe to burn pallets, there are some cases where you should not burn them.

The combustion of some pallets releases toxic chemicals as gasses. A pallet marked “MB” on the side, a pallet painted, or a pallet that is visibly contaminated by chemicals cannot be used as firewood. If a pallet has an MB stamp that means it been treated with methyl bromide and should not be burned.

In some cases, it can be difficult to determine whether a pallet is contaminated or if it can be used. Make sure you know exactly what kind of pallet you have. By doing so, you can ensure that you are not burning anything contaminated. While it may seem obvious, any non-wooden pallets such as plastic or metal pallets should not be burned.

How can I tell if a pallet is suitable for firewood?


Pallets tend to be a little bit suspicious to most people. How dirty are pallets? Can pallets be toxic? Is it okay to bring pallets inside? Pallets are often the subject of these questions.

Most pallets shouldn’t be stored indoors since some are too dirty, some are toxic, and some are too toxic to use. Especially with used pallets it hard to tell the history of that pallet and if its safe to burn.

What Are The Markings Or Stamps On Pallet Wood?


Pallets that are contaminated or painted can be easily seen. The only way to tell if the pallet has been treated with Methyl Bromide (MB) is to look for it.

Marks or stamps are usually found on the longest sides of pallets. In general, it is located at the end of the long side of a solid square block. Pallets without markings or stamps are used only locally, as they contain no markings.

Not Safe to Burn
  • MB(Methyl Bromide)
  • EUR
  • Blue Pallets
  • Red Pallets
  • Green Palelts


Safe to Burn
  • New Pallets
  • DB(Debarked): 
  • HT (Heat Treated)
  • KD( Kiln Dried): 
  • Epal

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