Can You Take the Pallets Outside of Walmart for Free? 

On April 8, 2023

Are the pallets outside of walmart free?


Are pallets given away by Walmart for free? The short answer is no. Taking those pallets without asking is illegal like any other type of theft. Wood pallets are not available to the public at Walmart. Below is more information on Walmart’s store policy and where else you can find free or cheap pallets.

Walmart Store Policy on Free Wood Pallets


Walmart like most large retailers does not allow people to pick up their wooden pallets for free unless you have a recycling contract with them. This applies for other store like home depot, lowes, cosco, and pretty much any company producing a large quality of pallets. Taking these pallets for yourself is technically considered theft. That being said it can never hurt to go inside and talk with a manager about pallet removal.

Where to Get Free or Cheap Wood Pallets Near Me


While most big box stores like Walmart likely have something in place for pallet removal or recycling, there can be many other local options that will happily give away pallets for free. Smaller and midsized business often struggle with pallet removal and would love for you to pick up thier pallets at no cost. This does not mean however that if you see a stack of wooden pallets outside a store you should take them. Always ask the owner or manger before taking any pallets. They may be bring to sell them or have someone picking them up already.

Will i have to pay for pallets?

While some stores may be happy to give their pallets away for free, do not be surprised or offended if the owner wants money for them. Pallets are not cheap, especially not today. If the company is producing 48 ” x 40 wooden pallets in good condition, there will almost always be a buyer in your local area for those. Typically free pallets will come in the form of broken or odd sized.

Here is a list of some common places to look for free wooden pallets in your local area

  • Wholesaler of electrical conduit
  • Wholesale distributor of starch and sugar
  • Salt blasting company
  • A company that manufactures tractor parts
  • Used tractor part company
  • Conduit Wholesale Company
  • Metal Stamping Companies
  • Fabricated Steel
  • Pipe Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Storage & 3PL Shipping Warehouses
  • Industrial piping Co
  • Silicon Carbide Composite company
  • Industrial hose distributor and manufacturer
  • Packing Material Distributor
  • Food Processing companies
  • Car engine distribution
  • Ceramic Injection Company
  • Door Manufacturer
  • Specialty office furniture wholesaler
  • Junk Yards
  • Metal scrap yard
  • Wheel refurbishing companies
  • Duct manufacturers
  • Golf Cart Parts warehouse
  • Pool supply stores
  • Metal Grinding manufacturer
  • Refractory Companies
  • Tractor Supply Co
  • Lighting Companies
  • Specialty Office Furniture
  • Rubber Product Manufacturer
  • Electrical Distributor
  • Wire wholesaler
  • Custom Fabricator
  • Machine Shops
  • Electrical wholesale to public
  • Bolt and Screw Manufacturer
  • Metal Spinning


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