Companies That Sell Used Wooden Pallets in The United States

On January 4, 2023

What Companies Buy and Sell Wooden Pallets Near Me?

Used pallets can provide an affordable and reliable option to customers. New pallet prices have sky rocked in the previous years, caused more and more companies to switch to used wooden pallets. The pallet recycling industry has also boomed. Here we will discuss the top companies that produce and sell used wooden pallets.

Kamps Pallets

With more than 400 locations nationwide, Kamps specializes in the supply of wood pallets and pallet recycling. With headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kamps, Inc. provides pallet management services throughout North America.

Pallet management and on-site services are part of their comprehensive offering of customized pallet management services for customers. They include the acquisition, disposition, sorting, repair, and return of pallets, as well as managing pallet inventories within the network of a customer’s facilities. E-commerce, retail, food & beverage, industrial, logistics, and distribution are among the varied end markets they serve.

Kamps pallets has seem nonstop expansion in the last couple years. They have made acquisitions and opened new locations in Denver, CO, Jacksonville, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Bloomfield, CT, Orlando, FL and New Brunswick, NJ.

With no signs of slowing down kamps has established its self as one of the biggest pallet companies in the United States

  Used Wooden Pallets

Types of Pallets Sold

  • Recycled Pallets
  • New Pallets
  • Heat-Treated Pallets
  • All Wood Pallets
  • Shipping Boxes & Crates
  • Plastic Pallets

48 Forty

48 Forty is another massive force in the pallet recycling industry. Recently between 48 Forty and Kamps it almost seems like a pallet arms race between who can acquire and open the most amount of new locations. They have made massive acquisitions in Southern California, Northeastern United States and the Midwest(Chicago. As well as in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, Texas market. One of the biggest stores in 2022 was when 48  acquired Pallet Consultants, another large pallet company

There are over 258 locations in 48forty Solutions’ national network, including 68 company-owned and operated pallet recycling plants, 171 onsite locations, 14 reverse logistics centers, 5 sorting centers, as well as over 850 service providers. 48forty Solutions is one of the largest pallet management companies in North America.  From pallet supply to pallet retrieval, 48forty offers a variety of pallet solutions, including recycled, new, and custom pallets.  Over 8,200 trailers and 500 tractors are also part of one of the largest private fleets in the country.  The company is backed by Summit Partners and Audax Private Equity.



I am sure everyone reading this is familar with the “Blue Pallets” These are rentals and belong to the CHEP Company

“Share and reuse” is the basis of CHEP’s circular business model. They call it pooling. They rent pallets, IBCs, and industrial containers to you through our CHEP pooling system. We don’t sell our pallets or containers because sharing and reusing them makes them more sustainable.


Used Pallet Recycling

Used Pallet Recycling operates across the United States with its largest presence in California, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey.

UPR supplies Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C Wooden Pallets. They also offer a free recycling and local removal service. They also buy used pallets nationwide.

Sizes include

  • 48 x 40
  • 42 x 42
  • 48 x 48
  • 45 x 45


Wooden Pallet Yard

Wooden Pallet Yard



Local Pallet Companies

There is no shortage of local pallet yards anywhere in the united states. It may take some googling and phone calls but there is almost always a used pallet company near you. These can be great options and often have cheaper prices than many of the large recycling corporations

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