How Many Wooden Pallets Fit On A Truck


Below is a chart and info about how many wooden pallets fit on each type of freight truck.





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How Many Pallets Fit in a Truck?

There is enough room in the truck to hold two pallets of standard size”

LTL shipping relies heavily on standard pallet sizes when loading shipping pallets into carrier trucks. LTL trucks are typically 96 inches wide. The truck can accommodate two pallets of standard size side by side. The pallets can also be loaded side by side if they are slightly larger, up to 48″x 48″.

The most common types of dry vans used in truckload shipping are 53 footers and 48 footers. 26 pallets can be single stacked in a 53′. This is 52 double-stacked pallets, for you math whizzes. Up to 28 pallets can be stacked using a technique known as “pinwheeling.”

Forklifts are not available at many shippers or receivers, so keeping the 26/52 split is safer. 48 single pallets and 48 double pallets can be fitted into a smaller 48′

Chart of Pallets per Truckload 


Truck or Trailer size

Number of Pallets (48” x 40”) Total Amount of 48 x 40s Per Truckload 
53 foot trailer 30 pallets  616 – 680
48 foot trailer 24 pallets 480
45 foot cube container 24 – 26 pallets 480 – 520
40 foot container 20 pallets 400
24 foot box truck 12 pallets 240
 16 foot box truck 6 pallets 120

What Are Pallets Made Of, and Where Can I Find Them?

Wood pallets are more common than plastic pallets, but plastic pallets can also be found. Due to their durability, plastic pallets are more expensive. Most people just opt for the cheaper wood version of the standard pallet, and recycle them once they are old or damaged, as they spend their time being bumped, bruised, moved around by forklifts, and sitting in hot truck interiors.

There are pallet manufacturers all over the country that sell pallets in bulk. Pallets from other shipments are often recycled by businesses, unpacking their freight and repackaging it with different items. It is common for pallets to last for more than one or two shipments without breaking.