How Much Does a Pallet Cost?

On March 1, 2023

Price of Wooden Pallets in the United States


Pallets are invaluable for shipping and storing goods if you’re in the transport and logistics industry. These wooden platforms are designed to be compact, secure, and reasonably priced while offering compact and secure shipping.

The question is, how much do pallets cost? When calculating your shipping costs, you must take the cost of pallets into account. To ensure efficient shipping, you will learn more about pallet pricing in this guide.

What is the Pallet Pricing Process?



Pallets are priced based on a number of factors. The following are among them:

  • What Material Is Used? There are many types of pallets, including wood pallets, plastic pallets, paper pallets, presswood pallets, and metal pallets.

  • What condition do you need? New pallets are significantly more expensive than their used counterparts.

  • Pallet choices may be limited in your area due to the supply chain. A pallet’s price can also be affected by the different pallet measurements used by different countries.

  • What size do you Need? The price of the standard 48 x 40 may be drastically different from a custom build size


A pallet’s price will vary based on these factors and others. Without considering a company’s shipping needs, it’s difficult to estimate how much pallets cost.

Types of Pallets

In the United States, wooden pallets dominate the industry, making up the majority of the pallets. Followed by Plastic and Metal pallets for certian products. As far as size goes we are going to be listing prices for 48″ x 40″ Wooden Pallets. There is no way to estimate the cost of every custom-made pallet since this is the standard size.It will undoubtedly come down to the agreement between your company and the pallet yard making them.

Wood Pallets

We typically associate pallets with standard wood pallets. Pallets made of wooden material are durable, easy to repair, and cost-effective to purchase. The popularity of wood pallets on the market is no surprise.

New Wooden Pallets

A new Wooden Pallets can cost anywhere from $10 to $30+ dollars depending on where in the United States you are located. States with Higher costs of living such as California or Washington tend to have higher prices, while southern states tend to have a lower price per pallet.

Used Wooden Pallets

A used wooden pallet can typically be classified in the ways, Grade A and Grade B. Also referred to as #1 and #2. Grade A pallets are typically in great condition and can be comparable to new ones. While Grade Bs may have some broken or damage to them

  • Grade A Pallet Price – $9 – $15
  • Grade B Pallet Price – $5 – $8


Pallets made of plastic

Plastic pallets are another type of pallet commonly used. The cost of these incredibly durable pallets is higher, but they can last for a very long time. The pharmaceutical or medical industry requires sanitized pallets because wood pallets cannot be sanitized. Food and beverages are also easy to ship with their high strength-to-weight ratio.

Custom shaped and sized plastic pallets are also available. They are an excellent choice for items that are hard to ship, although this can drive up the cost even further. A standard plastic pallet can cost between $12 and $100.

Light Weight Paper Pallets

Lighter loads and environmental friendliness are excellent reasons to choose corrugated paper pallets. Pallets have a cost that goes beyond just the pallet itself, since shipping the dead weight of the pallet along with your products adds to its cost. Some of these unnecessary costs can be avoided by using paper pallets when appropriate.

There is a direct correlation between the strength of paper pallets and their price, which ranges from $7 to $18. Paper pallets can also be recycled for recycling revenue to cut costs. In addition to having no nails or fasteners, these types of pallets are much easier to recycle.

Heavy Duty Metal Pallets


In the chemical and catering industries, metal pallets are popular because they can withstand harsh conditions and stay hygienic at the same time. Heavy loads are also no problem for them.

Comparatively to reusable plastic pallets, rolled thin steel and mesh pallets cost approximately $70 to $90, making them the lighter and less expensive option. The price of stainless steel pallets can reach $200 or up to $300 per pallet.

What does your company need


You should consider the specilzed need for your business before purchasing pallets or entering any contract. While some companies can afford a cheaper, lower quality option, others cannot.It may be risky for a food or medical company to use cheap grade B wooden pallets from the chemical industry.

What Material to Use?  


Materials determine the price of pallets primarily. Pallets made from wood are the most popular option, but they do not meet all pallet-related needs. Therefore, there is also a variety of pallets made of plastic, paper, and presswood.

New vs Used Pallets

It is possible to purchase used or refurbished pallets since most pallets are reusable. In addition to being cost-effective, recycled pallets are also environmentally friendly. Certain situations, such as hygienic concerns or a unique load, may require new pallets.

Rent Vs Buy

Pallets can also be rented instead of purchased. For one-time shipments or if you don’t need many of them, this is a great option. There is usually a lower cost associated with renting pallets compared to purchasing them. Renting pallets frequently, however, may add up in costs.

Do Pallets Cost a Lot?


It is possible to purchase pallets for as little as a few dollars or as much as hundreds, depending on your shipping needs! The most common pallet option is wood, but there are pallets made from other materials that are more suitable for specific industries. In addition to size and quality, pallets can also vary in price, and it is possible to save money by renting or using used pallets.

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