How to Make Money from Waste – Metal – Plastic – Cardboard

On October 21, 2022

Not all waste-should  just be wasted. Something that a company sees as waste could become dollar bills in another business eyes. Most waste has value and its all about earn how to recycle it properly. This is both a positive for the environment and a companies finances. You can reduce the amount of waste going to a landfill and increase profits at the same time.


55 Gallon Drum Recycling – Metal and Plastic

In a typical month a company can go though, hundreds or thousands of 55 Gallon Metal or Plastic Fiver Drums. Drums are a tricky product to recycle but many container company will pay a rebate on these drums and have them recycled and reconditioned and then resold and used drums. Price per drum can vary drastically depending on what was previously contained in them and the present condition


Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is a very valuable material and a business model for many recyclers today. Used aluminum is the most recyclable material on the market today. A large percentage of the material produced in the U.S. is still in use today and it will get recycled again and again. Aluminum can be recycled and nearly maintain the same quality as the primary material.

This applies to other metals as well. You can recycle almost all metals in the United States. If you have a hard object made of metal (a can, some machine part, ect) you don’t have to worry about what kind of metal it is. Steel, copper, cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminum, tin, etc. You name it, you can make some money off it

Although we recommend using caution when dealing with hazmat material as this can be more difficult to work with.



Paper and Cardboard Boxes – Gaylords | Bulk Bins

You can also recycle used cardbord boxes and paper products. It is a very valuable recyclable material but only when it is free from contaminates. You can expect to get paid for cardboard that is in good reusable condition. Recyclable cardboard products like boxes or gaylord boxes are a huge asset. This is a surprisingly good way to make money. It is billion dollar business.

For smaller sized shipping box sizes, you can expect to make between 50 cents and $1.50 per box. For Larger 48 x 40 x 40 Gaylord Boxes you can expect to-make $2 to $8 per box. The typical price for recycled cardboard is between a cent and 3 cents per pound. However, prices vary by location in the united States. If possible try to separate out cardboard boxes from scrap cardboard bales to maximize profits


Used Plastic – PET and PETE, PP, LDPE, and HDPE

Plastic Pollution is a huge problem facing the environment today and it is imperative to try to reduce its effects on the planet  The durability of plastic products are resistant to many natural processes of degradation and as a result, they are slow to degrade. The good news is there is no short suppy of plastic recyclers in the United States, there is very likely one local to your city and state. They will pay top dollar and accept are HDPE, PET, PE, recycled HDPE, or any other type of plastic that can be recycled.

PET and PETE, PP, LDPE, and HDPE bottles are also a great recycle plastic material.



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