Where to buy 48 x 40 wooden pallets locally

On September 19, 2022

How can you find cheap wooden pallets near you?

One of the most common people asked is  “Where could I get cheap used 48 x 40 pallets near me?” or “Where to find pallets for sale locally?”. There is no simple answer because it depends on the area you live in and recycling trends near you. In this market in places like california people are selling broken pallet for $5-7 each. While in other areas of the country companies are paying top dollar to have them removed. Below we are going to discuss some place where you can typically find pallets for cheap or even free.

used pallets

used pallets

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when looking for reusable skids.

  • Often times 48 x 40 GMAs have been reused throughout whatever industry they are in many times. We don’t recommend reusing wooden skids from a chemical or hazmat hazmat company. Often time these are dangerous and not meant for reuse. Especially if you are using these to ship to customers or are even remotely in the food industry
  • The best pallets typically come from food manufactures. They’re usually shipping a lightweight, food product, one time use. Most food companies have very strict guidelines on pallet quality for their products. Meaning they often times receive goods on a pallet one times and cannot use it again. While it may not work for them it could be perfect for other businesses. Although often times they are aware of the value in the 48 x 40 GMA so they will be expecting a reasonable price per pallet. Typically around $4-7 dollars a skid, sometimes more.
  • Grocery store used pallets are typically okay, but they’re often covered in product spillage and stains which may lead to mold or rotting problems. Use causation and make sure you get eyes on them before buying . If the used pallet looks weird, or smells bad, don’t use it.
  • Be careful whenever a company is having a hard time getting rid of their pallets. Often times this means there is sometime wrong with them. Which could mean they are all different sizes, broken or contaminated. ALWAYS get pictures before buying. Ask for a picture of the stay and confirm the amount before going.

Here is a list of companies that often times have reusable 48 x 40s lying around

Pet, Food Stores, Hardware, Furniture & equipment stores are good places for used wooden skids

These stores usually get their products (grains, pet food, etc.) on wood skids. They generally throw the pallets away as they consider them a waste and most big comapines will not pay for them. Check with your local store or pet supply store if you can get them on a regular basis for free. Often times they have to pay to get them removed, so they will be happy if someone did it for free! If they are not free, do not worry, trying offering a few dollars per pallet. If they go any higher than 6-7 dollar, move along.

A construction site for raw wooden pallets

If pallet size is not a concern of yours, this is a great place to look. They will often have multiple sizes and dimensions and no idea what to do with them. Solar Panel companies will often times have thousands of used pallets and no idea how to get rid of them. Most of the times you will not have to pay anything for these as long are you take them for free.


Check Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace for used  48 x 40 pallets.

This can be the best place to look for good deals on Grade A and Grade B used pallets. Although everyone on here is looking to make a profit so expect to pay a good price per pallet. Be care when dealing with people on here as there are often times scams that happen. Especially when dealing with sketch brokers or local guys. Often times brokers will buy broken or trashed pallets from a company for dirt cheap then flip them to you for top dollar.

Here are some more places that may have good pallets
  • Small business dumpsters 
  • Schools can be a good source 
  • Produce markets
  • Department stores
  • Check with your local pallet recycler or manufacturer
  • Find free pallets outside of businesses
  • Search the internet for wooden pallets classified ads
  • ACE hardware
  • walmart
  • kohls

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