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The most common pallet in the united states is the 48 x 40 4-way entry stringer pallet. Below are the main types of pallets out on the market today

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Used Pallet Guide

Below is a brief overview of the types of pallets out there in the market today 

48 x 40 Wood Pallets 

The 48 x 40 is the king of pallets. It is used by the majority of companies that need to ship their products. 48 x 40 pallets are the most valuable pallets for resale due to the high demand for them. They come in block and stringer bases. 

48 x 48 Wood Pallets

48 x 40 Pallets are slightly larger than the standard size. These are used for shipping heavier and bigger products. 48 x 40s are used mainly in the chemical industry. Many times they are used to ship 55-gallon drums and gaylord boxes.

45 x 45 Pallets 

45 x 45 s are used to transport metal and plastic drums as well as chemicals. They are also used in ocean freight for sea container shipments because their size makes great use of the container space to maximize freight density. With the high cost of container shipments, it is critical to shipping as tight as possible.

36 x 36 Euro Pallet

The 36 x 36 pallets are known as euro pallets. They are often used in the beverage industry and are frequently used to move filled goods, sized specifically to fit in small bays on soft Coke & Pepsi delivery trucks, and into retail stores that sell the beverages to consumers.

Stringer vs Block 

The majority of wood skids have a block or stringer base. The differences between block and stringer pallets come down to material and structural design. This can be very important for what your company needs are.

Stringer Pallets


Hard Wood


Either  2-way or 4-way entry


More Expensive 


Easier to repair

Block Pallets


Soft Wood


Full 4-way entry




Hard to Repiar 

Plastic Pallets!

Plastic Pallets are a great alternative to wood options.  The main benefits are sustainability, safety, and cleanliness. Pallets made of plastic withstand heavy-duty use and last much longer than wooden pallets. Although they are significantly more expensive. 

Types of Plastic Pallets








43 x 43″


48 x 40


36 x 36

The difference between newly manufactured and recondtioned pallets

New pallets

Generally, they look better since they’re made from new lumber. There’s a big difference in price, but new pallets offer more customization options than used or recycled pallets. If you need super-accurate measurements or custom dimensions, you might be better off with new pallet. 

In many cases, manufacturers need to have custom pallets made when their products don’t fit on standard pallet sizes. New pallets take a long time to build, so you’ll need plenty of lead time to get them made.


  • Measurements are super accurate

  • We are able to make them according to your specifications

  • The product is durable and can be used over and over again

  • Looks clean and new

  • There is a guarantee of weight capacity

  • High-quality products are typically more expensive


  • There is a higher price tag

  • There is a longer lead time for these skids

Recondtioned Skids

There are a lot of advantages to buying used or repaired pallets. These are usually significantly cheaper, and they perform just as well as new pallets, depending on the condition they are in when you buy them. Used pallet suppliers often list quality grades on their pallets as a guide for their condition, as there is no standard quality assurance process; however, the grades can serve as a guide.

Grades of Used Pallets

  • Grade A

  • Grade B

  • Grade C

  • #1

  • #2

Reconditioned pallets do not typically offer weight capacities due to a mix of different designs and wood types used. In terms of their dimensions, they’re usually pretty accurate even if they’re not as precise as new pallets.

If you’re looking for a standard size pallet and don’t care about looks, recycled or used pallets are a suitable choice for you.


  • Pallets sold at a lower price than new pallets

  • It is available in a wide range of quality grades to choose from

  • Offered in standard 48 x 40 GMA Size

  • More availability in the United States


  • There is a possibility that it will not last as long as it should

  • There may be some errors in the dimensions

  • May have some minor damage to stringers or boards

  • Customization options arlimited. Mostst are standard size