Waste Stream to Profit – How a Business can make money off of trash

On October 20, 2022

One of the biggest struggles manufacturers  go though is the process of removing waste material on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Here we will be discussing effective ways to remove recyclable material and make a profit off it.

Cardboard Bales

cardboard bales

Used cardboard bales are a pain for any company. Often times it is hard to find a reliable company to deal with these on a frequent basis  While many cardboard recycling companies will charge a customer, there are ways to actually make money on them. Depending on how much cardboard is produced you can typically expect to get a per pound price. They are then removed and take directly to paper mills and recycled. A large percent of corrugated cardboard gets recycled. If the bales are extremely contaminated with either food or hazardous materials most companies will not offer any money for them but may offer a free removal service instead


Gaylord Boxes – Bulk Bins

Gaylord boxes are used by a variety or different industries such as plastic recyclers, food manufactures and 3PL shipping companies   While gaylord boxes end up in the cardboard pale pile, if possible separate these boxes out and you can expect to make a decent chunk of change. Often times Used Gaylord Box Recycling companies  with pay anywhere from $2 – $8 per box. In order for this to happen the boxes will need to banded to a pallet in stacks of 25 – 50. Typically gaylord recycling companies will send in a 53 foot truck and pick up anywhere from 300-500 used gaylords per load. For damaged and waterlogged bulk bins you may expect to get around $2 per box. If your are only producing a small number of cardboard boxes people often list them on facebook marketplace or craigslist.


Used IBC Totes – 330 Gallon – 275 Gallon

Used IBC Totes are used by chemical companies, large food manufactures and paint businesses. They are big, bulky, and hard to get rid off. Many people end up paying to have them removed and they end up in a landfill. Although these IBC containers can be very valuable to recyclers. They can go for anywhere from $10/tote to $100/tote. This heavily depends on the condition of the totes and the previous material held. For food grades totes you can expect a pretty penny. Alternatively for pesticides, haz mat, or fracking totes, you are not likely to get paid and some companies will avoid them entirely. Sites like IBC tote Recycling allow you to list totes on their marketplace and provide higher rebates than traditional IBC tote recyclers

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