Average 48 x 40 Wooden Pallet Price Per State in the USA

On December 15, 2022

Different Pallet Prices Across the United States

Below is a chart containing he average prices for various types of used 48 x 40 wooden pallets sold in the united states in 2022. We are comparing New, Grade A, Grade B, and Damaged Pallet Cores across the country. This data is sourced from our own transactions and may differ from other pallet vendors across the united states

State New Grade AGrade BDamaged Cores
New York$18$10$8$5.50
North Carolina$13.25$9$7.25$4
New Jersey$14.50$10.25$ 8.25$6
South Carolina$14.00$9.50$7.00$4.50
Iowa$14.50$10.25$ 8.25$6.00
New Mexico$12.50$10.00$7.25$5
West Virginia$12.25$8.00$7.25$4.00
New Hampshire$13.00$8.50$6.75$3.00
Rhode Island$15.00$10.50$8.00$5.00
South Dakota$13.75$9.25$7.00$5.50
North Dakota$12.25$8.00$7.25$4.00


48 x 40 New Wooden Pallets

New pallet are the most expensive and widely used pallet type in the united states. They are often made with a combination of hardwood and softwood. These types of pallets are best for medical and food manufacturers that cannot risk contamination of their product. It is highly recommend to used new pallets over used in these industries. If you try to cut costs, you may end up wasting thousands of dollars on an entire load of useable pallets rather than just paying an extra few dollars per pallet. That being said not all companies need an expensive new pallet and should go the used route if possible

Grade A(#1) 48 x 40 Pallets

Grade A pallets have not yet needed significant repairs and appear clean and new. In particular, grade A pallets have not sustained damage to their stringers and do not require plugs or companion boards to be repaired. Alternatively, there may be cleated metal plates used as reinforcement to prevent further cracking on a cracked board.

The presence of these metal plates on boards may actually make them stronger than their intact counterparts, but the appearance of these plates may detract from their strength. These pallets are best for display applications, since they do not require extensive and unsightly repairs, which makes them ideal for display applications.

In addition to grade A categories, manufacturers have a variety of smaller categories that describe the level of repair the pallet has received as well as other factors that may impact the wood’s aesthetic condition, including paint or stains, wear and oxidation, and superficial damage. There are several different classifications of the most pristine A grade pallets, including Premium, Premium Plus, AAA, A+, 1A, club grade, Premium A, grade 1, and Super. All of these terms refer to recycled pallets that are in the best condition, those that are closest to new.

In addition to grade A, there are also subcategories that represent pallets that have sustained superficial defects or require minor repairs, but still meet grade A standards. In some manufacturers, there are only two categories, referred to as Premium A and Regular A, but in others, there are three or more subcategories within the A classification. Terms such as AA, 1B, or melon grade describe intermediate categories between Premium and Standard.

Grade B(#2) 48 x 40 Pallets

Also known as #2 Wooden Pallets. Despite being just as strong and reliable as grade A pallets, they may have visible damage from repairs due to the amount and type of repairs they require to achieve that level of performance. In B grade pallets, companion stringers or plugs are usually used to repair the stringer boards. This type of repair involves nailing in place another piece of stringer alongside a cracked or broken one. According to the nature of the break, the bracing piece could be as short as 6″ or as long as a pallet.

Repairs of this type are very durable and solid when they are performed properly. Forklift blades or pallet jack blades may also be restricted slightly by this obstruction. Pallets classified as B grade also tend to show more superficial wear and discoloration than those classified as A grade. Grade B pallets are further subdivided based on the number of repairs, with Premium B and B1 grade pallets having only one repair per stringer cavity, and Standard B pallets having more repairs and damaged deck boards.

48 x 40 Damaged Pallet Cores

Pallet cores are broken or damaged pallets that need to be repaired. This type of skid should not be reused in a production environment until it has undergone repairs to its stringers and boards. Often times they are not structurally sound and may have missing boards or nails sticking out of them. Also referred to sometimes as a “mixed load”, meaning there may be a mix of broken and good pallets per load. These units hold significantly less value than a Grade A or Grade B.

48 x 40 Wooden Pallet

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