Different types of pallet sizes in the united states

On October 30, 2022

There are a variety of different pallet sizes and dimensions across the world. In the united states there is the standard 48 x 40 pallet and a couple other popular sizes we will be showing below.


Used Pallet Size Chart

48 × 40 1219 × 1016 Standard Size in the United States – Used in a variety of indsutries
42 × 42 1067 × 1067 Paint Companies and Beverage manufactures
48 × 48 1219 × 1219 Steel and Metal Drum Shipments
40″× 48 1016 × 1219 Cement producers
48 × 42 1219 × 1067 Chemicals
40 × 40 1016 × 1016 Beverages
48 × 45 1219 × 1143 Car Industry
44 × 44 1118 × 1118 Steel and Fiber Drums/Chemicals
36 × 36 914 × 914 Euro Pallet – International Shipping
48 × 36 1219 × 914 Paper Products, Plastic Recycling
35 × 45.5 889 × 1156 Metal Recycling
48 × 20 1219 × 508 3Pl


48 x 40 4-way entry stringer pallets

This is the most common pallet in america. This also makes it the most reused and valuable when it comes to recycling. These pallets allow entry from any of the sides using notched stringers. These skids can be picked up and loaded by forklift or sometimes pallet jacks. Also known as GMA pallets, 48 x 40 Pallets make up 30% of the pallets in the North American Pallet Market

48″ x 40″ 2-way pallet:

48 x 40 2-way entry stringer pallets are similar to the 4 way pallets, although they can only be accessed from the front and back of the skid.  This pallet is stronger across the stringers than the 4-way entry skid. This is a double-faced and flushed style. Many companies prefer the 4 – way reverseable entry pallet, but will settle for a 2-way due to it being a cheaper option

48″ x 40″ block pallet:

Block pallets are much stronger and used for heavy shipping loads. When bought new these pallets may be pricer than the stringers. Altough they are also harder to repair so you may not be able to get as much money back when selling them to pallet companies.


48″ x 40″ 4-way new pallets vs Used Pallets 

New Pallets are great for any company that needs top quality pallets. If you are doing anything in the food, medical, or chemical industries this is typically the best options. Used skids are good if you dont need top of the line palles and you have a cheaper budget


48″ x 48″ 4-stringers pallet:

These 48 x 48 pallets have bigger base and are great for metal and plastic fiber drums. They can also be used to ship gaylord boxes with your product inside.

There are many options whe nit comes to pallets feel free to give us a call to discuss any of you pallet needs


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