Effects of Wooden Pallet Waste on the Environment

On January 9, 2023

Effect of Wooden Pallets on Global Waste 

Around two billion pallets are in circulation in the United States alone. Most of them are made of wood and are replaced every year. This leaves a lot of pallet waste to be recycled and removed from your facility.

EHS professionals, warehouse managers, and business owners should minimize waste, including wood pallet waste. You can increase productivity, save money, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint by reducing wood pallet waste in your warehouse. Eco-friendly practices should be incorporated into your warehouse facility as soon as possible since sustainability is becoming increasingly important to businesses worldwide.

It is possible to reduce costs and eliminate excessive waste by implementing pallet recycling programs for your warehouse. By joining these services, pallet buyers and sellers can get discounted rates. The recycling of pallets not only saves businesses money, but also prevents landfill waste from building up.

The purpose of this article is to examine how wooden pallet waste affects landfills around the world. In examining recycling and waste practices around the world, we will see the importance of pallet recycling programs.

Used Pallet Stack

Used Pallet Stack

The importance of recycling wooden pallets

100% of wooden pallets can be recycled. There is little to no reason warehouses shouldn’t use a recycling service, since these containers can be reused several times before being repurposed. In addition to being reasonable, pallet services are standard practice in the US.. Other recyclable materials like steel and plastic don’t rank as high as wooden pallets.

One of the most important results of this high percentage is the reduced amount of waste. The more pallets are recycled, the fewer pallets are thrown into landfills as waste. Due to pallets’ widespread use in business, landfills must be avoided from having high pallet waste levels.

Despite the high recycling rate of 90 percent, pallets haven’t always been recycled this way. To reduce pallet landfill waste, manufacturers have improved recycling programs over the past few decades.

Analysis of wood pallet waste at US landfills

Wood’s breakdown time is also influenced by the size of the landfill. Due to Earth’s limited space, landfills have been widely used since the 1960s. As we generate waste, landfills keep growing, and often they are overfilled with waste. As a result, landfills are unable to decompose biodegradable products such as wood and paper. In these conditions, wood cannot remain damp for long, which makes it unsuitable for decomposing fungi. In either case, it tends towards being completely wet or completely dry, neither of which are conducive to the growth of fungi.

Due to both of these factors, wooden pallets remain in landfills for years, causing them to become larger and more crowded

The country’s landfills would be clogged with millions of decaying pallets if recovery of pallets and recycling services weren’t improved. The environment would be negatively affected, and businesses would ultimately run out of space for waste sooner. Despite US improvements in pallet recycling, other countries still have a considerable amount of pallet waste in their landfills.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Global tracking of pallet waste

There is a significant environmental problem associated with overfilled landfills around the world. Sadly, many pallets and wood parts are found in these large landfills. Landfills in China are filling up at an unprecedented pace. The need for global pallet recycling services is becoming more pressing as there is less and less space available for pallet waste.

India is also experiencing a decrease in landfill space to continue dumping used pallets. It is vital to examine how pallets placed in landfills in other countries have affected their environment. Pallet recycling programs are becoming more and more popular as pallet dumping space decreases.

What Are the Benefits of Pallet Recycling?

Is it possible to prevent the buildup of landfill waste by recycling the materials of your used pallets? Pallets can be recycled in several ways by manufacturers. Used pallets are commonly reused by pallet users or sold at a discount. The high durability of wooden pallets makes these containers likely to last several generations.

In addition to recycling pallets, manufacturers repurpose them to prevent landfill waste. Pallets that have been repurposed are those that cannot be used for storage, shipping, or delivery anymore. As these pallets cannot be salvaged, manufacturers grind them into mulch and sell them as a resource instead.

With so many different ways to reuse pallets that benefit both pallet users, businesses, and the environment, there’s no reason not to embrace pallet recycling services.

The Future of Pallet Recycling

The US has made remarkable progress in reducing its overall wooden pallet waste when compared to how it affects landfills all over the world. It is critical for manufacturers to continue to minimize pallet waste in order to reach even lower percentages of recycled pallets though the US has made substantial progress in pallet recycling.

More recycling services are needed in order to improve the economic and environmental benefits of pallet waste, which is a worldwide issue. Companies will also be more successful and sustainable if they use more pallet recycling programs.

How can Used Pallet Recycling Help?

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