How Much do Standard Wooden Pallets Weigh?

On May 12, 2023

Standard Wooden Pallets Weights


It is common for pallets to be made from wood, but pallet manufacturers are producing pallets made from metal, plastic, recycled materials, and paper as well. The pallet is a flat structure used for transport and shipping. The use of pallets is necessary for the shipping of commercial goods and shipping containers. On average, a wooden pallet measures 48 x 40 inches and weighs 25-45 pounds.



How Much Does a 48 x 40 GMA Pallet Weight?


Pallet weights are usually determined by the size and weight bearing capacity of the pallet. Depending on whether soft wood or durable wood was used to manufacture the pallet, pallets range in weight from 30 lbs to 80 lbs. A wood’s moisture content can also affect its weight.US pallets are typically 48″ x 40″ x 6″. That being said there are heavy duty and lightweight pallets that can weigh much more or mess less.

It has a dynamic load bearing capacity of 1 ton and a static load bearing capacity of 3 tons. In general, a pallet measuring 48 inches by 40 inches weighs 35 to 45 pounds. Pallets that are lightweight can weigh anywhere from three to fifteen pounds. A standard pallet weighs around 25 pounds.


What is the Most Common Pallet Size?


The size of a wooden pallet varies depending on where you are located and what industry you are in. Some manufacturers may require heavy pallets for inbound shipments. The most common US pallet size is 40″ x 48″. This is also known also the GMA Pallet or Standard Pallet, which accounts for 40% of wooden pallets in the USA. Some other common pallet sizes are 48″ x 48″, 42″ x 42″, and 31.50”×47.24”

Due to the wide variety of things pallets are used for, there is no universal pallet size. A pallet for use in commercial businesses must fit through doorways, fit into shipping containers, and be easy to handle.


How much Weight Can Pallets Hold


Here is a list of a few of the common pallet types and their approximate weight capacity

  • 48″ X 40″ pallets can hold 3,500 lbs of weight
  • 31.50″ X 47.2″ pallets can hold 3,400 lbs of weight
  • 42″ X 42″ pallets can hold 3,200 lbs of weight
  • 48″ X 48″ pallets can hold 4,200 lbs of weight



Pallet Types affect weight capacity.


Weight capacity is a tricky issue in the pallet industry due to the variety of different pallet types. For instance, a 48 x 40 stringer pallet and a 48 x 40 block pallet will have different weight limits. Typically speaking block pallets can handle heavier loads


New Vs Used Pallets


The condition of a pallet also effects a pallets weight capacity. In general used pallets should never be given a weight capacity rating. This is because there is no way of knowing how much a used pallet can hold due. While some used pallets may be in great condition and hold a similar weight to a new pallet, others may have been circulated for years and are not structurally sound. Always exercise caution when placing heavy weights on used pallets to avoid accidents or damage.

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