How to Get Rid of Pallets

On February 22, 2023

How to Get Rid of Wooden Pallets


There are a few ways to dispose of pallets if you have an excess of them. The best way to dispose of wood pallets varies from one to another.

It is important to know how to properly dispose of wood pallets. To help you make the right pallet disposal decisions, this article explores different methods of disposing of wood pallets.

If you know where to dispose of pallets, your warehouse will look cleaner, your business image will improve, and your productivity will improve.

How to properly dispose of unwanted pallets


Regardless of how large or small the warehouse or business is, space is always important.

Get rid of unwanted pallets not only to free up space, but also to avoid looking like a wooden pallet scrap yard. The following tips can help you figure out what to do with your scrap wooden pallets. Some benefits of proper pallet disposal:

  • Organize your space

  • Productivity can be improved

  • Avoid EHS violations and fess

  • Make some space available

  • Ensure that work related injuries are prevented

  • Save Money on Waste Removal

It is dangerous to have a cluttered space! The presence of pallets in the workplace can quickly become a safety hazard and can be the cause of injuries. Stacks of unserviceable pallets can trip and bump workers who are passing by. Or worse the stack can fall causing injury

It’s just not a good idea to keep pallets around that you are no longer using. As well as attracting vermin and creating a mess in the workplace, they can pose a danger to employees. There is no place for scrap wooden pallets in the workplace!

Wooden pallet disposal options

If you manage pallet disposal properly, your company can save money and even make money. Consider how other businesses have successfully disposed of wooden pallets.

Here is a guide that discusses some of your options and the benefits of each starting with “how to recycle wood pallets ”.

Wooden Pallet Recycling

Recycling wooden pallets is one of the best options for wood pallet disposal. Here are a few ways wood pallets can be recycled:

  • For a small fee, many manufacturers offer return programs where you can earn credits toward new pallets by returning used pallets, or you can refurbish old pallets and receive them back. Return programs increase the life expectancy of pallets, prevent them from going into landfills, and save you money.

  • Pallet recycling companies buy used pallets. By selling out-of-service pallets to third parties that repair and resell them to other businesses, you can earn a small return on your original investment. By using this method, pallets that are piling up can be disposed of instead of going to the landfill. In most cases, a pallet company will send a truck to pick up all the pallets in your facility. Consider dropping a trailer as well.

  • Scrap pallet buyers will buy them! You should not disregard the value of a pallet because you no longer need it for your business. Several companies will buy your “scrap pallets” for the wood they contain.

  • It is possible to recycle wooden pallets in some communities where they have designated recycling areas. Contact your cities recycling department and see if they accept pallets

You can also recycle wooden pallets by giving them away to a company that removes pallets. Despite the fact that this option won’t give you any money back, it will remove pallets from your property that you don’t need. They also typically provide a free pick up so you wont have to pay a junk removal company

Recycling Options: Benefits and Drawbacks

It is estimated that billions of pallets are in circulation at any given time, and unfortunately many of them wind up in landfills before they can be used again.

It is important for the environment and for the reputation of your business to keep pallets out of the landfill.

Pallets can be recycled for a number of reasons, including:

  • Save on costs

  • Taking steps to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint

  • Getting the most out of your investment

  • Save money on waste removal

  • Avoid fines and fees

By recycling your unwanted pallets, your business can save a lot of money. In most cases, pallets can be repaired and put back into the supply chain after a few repairs.

Finding a program that offers recycled pallets to other businesses can help both the environment and other small businesses who are unable to afford new pallets, even if you decide “new” is the way to go for your business.

The benefits of recycling can be realized by cutting costs and reducing the environmental impact of your business. Everyone wins when wood pallets are recycled!

Additional Options for removing pallets

There is a lot of interest in repurposing pallets. You can give away unwanted pallets as one method of getting rid of them. A free pallet or a bunch of free pallets would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people. The easist way to recycle pallets is to give them away.

Your wood pallets will certainly be disposed of if you place an advertisement or spread the word in other ways. There are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling used wooden pallets.

If you are a large business producing hundreds or thousands of pallets the best option will typically be to go with a pallet recycling company. This ensures a professional and reliable pick up. Your business should be protected from potential liability by getting a release signed.

Those old pallets may be repurposed for your business with some ingenuity. Repurpose pallets for your business and think outside the box.

Pallet Brokers be an option

Brokers can handle all the transactions for you if you don’t want to deal with getting rid of pallets on your own. Choosing the right broker will eliminate all your worries about dealing with them and will ensure all the arrangements are made for you.

Its always wise idea to be a little sceptical when dealing with pallet brokers. For every good one there are about 10 bad ones. There are a lot of scams and bad business pracites by some pallet brokers. Some examples involve cherry picking pallets, not proving payments, rejecting pallet loads due to bad quality, ect. At the very least make sure your pallet broker has an LLC, website, ect.

For smaller quantities (less than full truckloads of 400-500) consider finding a small business that buys and resells pallets instead of a broker. You might be able to sell your used pallets to some business owners who deal with used pallets. This provides the following benefits:

You won’t gain much revenue selling used pallets to a broker or to another small business, but you will raise some funds that can be used to buy new pallets. Additionally, you help another business by getting rid of those pallets.

You also don’t need to put in a great deal of effort or manpower into it. You simply point out the pallets to the broker or business owner, they remove the pallets, and you regain your space!

Waste & Recycling Management

Wood pallets can be disposed of in one final way. We have left it until last because it is the worst method for disposing of used pallets.

Recently, waste management has become more expensive than ever. Companies that remove waste, including pallets, are required to follow regulations. In addition to adhering to strict regulatory requirements of local municipalities, waste removal companies have their own overhead costs and labor costs. Your business pays for that cost. It’s a waste of money to pay a waste removal company to remove pallets when you have other options, plus the environmental impact.

Wouldn’t it be better to get paid or earn credit for your pallets instead of paying someone to haul them off? Paying out money when you don’t have to is not the best business decision! In addition to the environmental impact, your business reputation is also at risk if you simply throw out pallets.

When it comes to businesses, consumers are very interested in their carbon footprints. Environmental responsibility is being looked for throughout the supply chain by savvy consumers. The consumer will notice and will consider it a negative reflection if the business is careless with waste, such as packaging, pallets, and other shipping and storage products.

You may think throwing pallets away is a simple solution, but it can cost you a lot in more ways than one, not only in dollars but in the negative impact it may have on your business’s reputation. There is rarely a need to throw away pallets, even the less than serviceable ones. Whether the pallet is to be repaired and reused or repurposed, it has a future.

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