How to get rid of used pallets? (Removal Options)

On April 10, 2023

Best Ways to Remove Excess Wooden Pallets


Finding an effective way to remove used pallets can be a challenge for many businesses or individuals. Almost every retailer, warehouse manager, and manufacturer has experienced a big pile of unusable pallets on their floor or near their loading docks. These pallets are often neglected because they seem too cumbersome to be disposed of.


Getting Rid of Pallets


There is a cost associated with each of the following options. You won’t recoup anything if you donate or throw away pallets, and if you repurpose them, you’ll have to invest time and effort in preparing them for resale. The following methods can be used to dispose of pallets.


Listing Them on Online Marketplaces for Free (Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, ect )


A free pallet pickup may be an option if you don’t deal with a huge amount of pallets. There is a growing demand for used pallets among DIYers and gardeners for a variety of projects. Offer a few pallets to anyone willing to take them away and you’ll get rid of them quickly. There is no shortage of local recyclers or pallet pickers that are always looking for wooden pallets near you. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling used wooden pallets


Find local Wholesale Buyers


There is a whole industry dedicated to disposing of pallets since this question is so common. There are purchasing managers whose entire job is to source wooden pallets for their company. Odds are if you sell your pallets for a reasonable price you should easily be able to find a buyer in your area. It is best to stay up to date on price trends for pallets in your state or city.

Alternatively if your pallets are in poor condition they can still be sold to a recycler or muncher. Pallets are often purchased in bulk by bulk buyers for pennies on the dollar so they can be turned into mulch or particleboard.

By dismantling wood pallets, running them through a wood chipper, and selling the mulch, companies can recycle wood pallets in-house. In addition to being labor-intensive and requiring specialized equipment, this is perhaps one of the best ways to recoup some of the cost of your pallets. Although if you go this route you will get nowhere near the amount you paid for them so prepared to be low balled



Find a Pallet Recycling Company to Pick Them Up for Free


Used wood pallets are often collected by pallet recyclers who repair and sell them to other businesses for reuse. Mulching is an option for pallets that are beyond repair. It is common for recyclers to pay a small fee for in-demand pallet sizes. They will also want truckload quantities of pallets to justify sending out a truck. Depending on the company this can range anywhere from 300-680 per load.

The sizes that most pallet companies in the United States are looking for is typically the standard 48 x 40 Wooden Pallet.


Dispose of them in a landfill


When all else fails this is always an option. Sometimes this may be your only option if you have a small number of damaged or odd sizes/oversized pallets. The reality is that no company will send out a truck for free junk removal. It may be best to just throw them in the back of a truck and take them to the dump. If you do not have the means to do this try contracting your citie waste management service.

For Example here is a tool is los angles to find waste removal options

When it comes to disposing of pallets, most people look for alternatives to taking their used pallets to a landfill. In high-volume areas, they want to avoid waste, hassle, and landfill fees. When pallets are severely damaged, cannot be recycled (e.g. mold or pest issues), or are in nonstandard sizes, this is often the only option.

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