Pallet Recycling vs Wooden Scrap and Junk Removal

On February 19, 2023

What is the difference between Pallet Removal and Junk Removal

A stack of wooden pallets may look like a pile of wooden pallets may look like a pile of gold or a pile of wooden junk depending on who is looking at it. Those wooden pallets you have pilled up behind your warehouse may be worth thousands of dollars or absolutely nothing. Here are some of the key differences.

When to call a pallet company to remove your pallets

If you have a stack of pallets that are in decent condition and are similar in size you may want to look into calling a pallet company vs junk removal. They do not have to be in perfect condition and a few broken pallets per load is expected. After or before a pick up most pallet yards will provide payment for pallets in good condition and remove bad ones for free.

That being said most pallet companies will NOT pick up a pile of trashed or scrapped pallets. A general rule of thumb is that if pallets cannot be loaded onto a trailer by a forklift then they will not be able to be removed. You will have to call a trash/junk removal service.

Broken Wooden Pallets vs Resellable Pallets

When it comes to determining the value of used wooden pallets there are a few factors at play. Mainly the size, condition and volume. A 48″ x 40″ GMA pallet is typically the most valuable wooden pallet. It is the most sought-after size for recyclers because it is standard size across the United States.

There are typically three grades of used wooden pallets. Those are Grade A(#1), Grade B (#2), and scrap pallets(cores).

Grade A (#1) 48″ x 40″ GMA Wooden Pallets

Pallets classified as grade A are used wooden pallets that do not need to be repaired and are in good condition. Upon receiving Grade A pallets from businesses, these are subjected to quality inspections, but they are generally reintroduced to our supply after passing.

In addition to Grade A pallets that require only minor repairs, high-quality pallets offer a much higher sellback value than other grades.

Depending on the market conditions and which state your company is located grade a pallets can go for anywhere from $4 to $9 per pallet.

Grade B (#2) 48″ x 40″ GMA Wooden Pallets


After passing a series of quality control tests, Grade B pallets can still be reintroduced into our supply, but there will be a substantial amount of repair work required from our pallet repair experts.

Grade B pallets require a variety of different repairs to ensure their safety and efficiency, which affects their sellback value compared to Grade A pallets due to the extra effort that our specialists are required to perform. There is some debate on what passes are a grade b pallet so prices and condition may vary from company to company.

Pallet Cores Pallets

Depending on the condition of the decking and stringers, pallets can still provide some sellback value. To recycle these used pallets, our team will have to disassemble them and collect their useful components.

Some pallet yards may be willing to pay for scrap pallet cores if they are low on inventory and need material. Although more commonly they will simply offer a free pick up and remove the pallets with no charge to you.

Scrap Wood Pile (Junk)

Another common pallet classification we run into for pick ups is customers who have a pile of random sized broken wooden pallets, boxes, and other material all piled up behind the warehouse. Most pallet companies are not equipped to handle this. There is no resale value there and it not possible to load them into a standard truck. This is a job for Junk/Trash Removal Services.

Best Practices for Wooden Pallet Storage

To maximize resale value and avoid junk removal costs, you should keep wooden pallets organized and in good condition. In the long run, this will save you time and money in your warehouse. Additionally, it makes our job easier and we can offer more money if a company is able to sort out the broken pallets from good ones.

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