What type of businesses use 48 x 40 wood pallets?

On March 8, 2022

The standard 48 x 40 4-way entry pallet has been used for decades. They can be used to ship products across the country or internationally. Commonly referred to as pallets or skids almost any company that ships or receives anything will come in contact with pallets. There is a large variety in size but the most common is a standard 48×40 wood pallet


Below is a list of of industry with the largest demand for pallets.

  • Beverage
  • Medical
  • 3PL companies
  • Dropshippers
  • Food Distribution Centers
  • Paper and Packing
  • Plastic Recyclers
  • Metal Recyclers
  • Oil and Gas
  • Military
  • Food manufacturers
  • And more…

Regardless of the industry, every company may need a specialized pallet. Some may need new, while others may be comfortable using used 48 x 40s. Used pallets are significantly cheaper, although if your company is using them for food or international shipping then you should strongly consider using New GMA pallets.

The number of pallets in use in the US is forecast to increase to 3 billion units in 2022, supported by gains in the manufacturing and warehousing industries. This will lead to an increase in pallet demand across the nation. There are also lumber shortages and supply chain issues that may affect companies’ pallet needs. Overall condition of pallets has suffered due to companies lowering quality standards.

Many large companies are turning towards used pallets, which are typically up to half he price cheaper than new.

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