What Type of Pallets Does Costco Buy? Requirements For Vendors

On April 30, 2023

Costco Pallet Vendor Requirements


In the grocery industry, Costco has a significant presence. As of 2022, this retail giant generated $226.954B in revenue, a figure that is expected to rise. In addition to being the second-largest retailer in the world, Costco is an essential contact for vendors. Suppliers can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with Costco by familiarizing themselves with the retailer’s pallet requirements.

Pallet requirements for Costco

Since many pallets used for shipping products to Costco wind up on their retail floor, Costco has a stringent focus on pallet quality. In the retail environment, it’s imperative that these platforms do not damage the products they transport or injure customers and employees. Costco’s general delivery pallet requirements are as follows:

  • Pallets should be the standard 48 by 40 inches

  • Must be full 4-way entry block pallets. Stringer Pallets are not accepted

  • There must be enough strength in the pallet to handle 1500 pounds of bottom layer weight when loaded with less than 750 pounds.

  • The lowest layer weight of a pallet loaded with more than 750 pounds must not exceed 2500 pounds.

  • There can be a maximum weight of 2500 pounds per pallet load.

  • Loads must not exceed 58 inches in height, including pallets.

  • IGPS, CHEP, and PECO provide block pallets to Costco.Other requests are subject to advance approval.

    Upon delivery, all pallets, including those from pallet pooling companies, are visually inspected for load support, soundness, and floor serviceability. It is essential that all pallets appear dry and uncontaminated. Pallets that do not meet these standards will be rejected. This page may not contain all necessary or updated information for vendors interested in working with Costco due to upcoming changes to its pallet guidelines. Costco should be contacted directly for all specs.

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