Wood Pallet Free Removal and Disposal in the United States

On November 13, 2022

48 x 40 and Odd Sized wooden pallet removal and disposal for manufactures in the United States


Odds off if your company is receiving truckloads of goods you may find yourself with a stack of pallets sitting behind your facility. 

The accumulation of broken/scrap wood pallets, dunnage and wooden crates, barels, and boxes is a problem for many facilities. Ideally you would like top resuse these skids but often times they are the wrong size, are contaminated or too damaged for reuse.

Local Wooden Pallet Removal and Recycling Programs

Buy back programs from pallet yards

Many pallet companies will pay anywhere from $2-$8 per used pallet, even higher in many high cost of living states such as California, Washington, and New York.  They will take any size pallet for free but when it comes to rebates most local yards are looking for 48 x 40 GMA skids. They may also take an excess containers, barrels, gaylords, or metal drums.  A nesting pallet, if feasible, can also improve the empty return ratio. It may make sense to enlist a third party such as a pallet management or reusable packaging specialist.

Examine Markings on Pallets

Many times the manufacturer will but a number, company name, or website with contact info on the wooden skid. They are happy to come back and collect this free of cost. The more you can store the easier it is to schedule pick ups. Most companies are looking for anywhere from 50-500 before sending out a truck. Some local guys may be able to send a pick up truck to grab a smaller amount

Pallet Rental Services – CHEP & PECO

If your pallets are blue or red odds are they are rentals from CHEP or PICO. These companies often have local branches that accept returns or will provide free haul offs and regular pick ups




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